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The residential static IP address is an IP address that was manually configured for a device, that was assigned with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. This IP address is a fixed address. It’s can’t possible for change. This is called static. Residential Static IP address the opposite of a dynamic IP.

The static internet protocol is a permanent Internet Service Provider (ISP). When a computer assigned residential static IP address also uses the same IP for connecting to the Internet. This is used for network communication and identification.

My IP Address: A hard-coded IP address is manually assigned in the setting of your machine that cannot change. A dynamic address that you can change with each update, a hard-coded IP is the same even after a full machine reset.

This can be problems source on the network for you if your machine is a mobile device that needs different locations to use various IP addresses Hardcoded IPs are often used for servers, but regular NMU computer should be avoided. If the IP address starts 192 when on the NMU network then is a probability using a hard-coded IP. Although, a hard-coded IP is no limit to a IP.


Benefits of residential static IP address vs Dynamic


Residential Static IP Address:

Preferred address for servers: Static IP addresses are ideal if your computer acts as a server. The reason is it gives file server a relatively faster file download and upload.

Convenient remote access: When you connect a computer from a long-distance don’t worry to change IP address connected session. Also, connect to your computer such as remote desktop, don’t worry about losing the IP address.


This is suitable for application and here no change IP address. That is used for (VPN) Virtual Private Network, (VOIP) Voice over Internet Protocol, gaming application.


Such as web servers and applications connection should be stable like the authentication of download file. The static IP address does not terminate the packet exchange for small interruption of this service.

Reduced downtime:

When IP address never delete. The computer doesn’t need to send any requests for renewal.

Security issues:

For the rogue DHCP server, DHCP automation security is risky. The personal network does not control the server. No certainty network security and user privacy.

Network Failure:

The computer already has an IP address before the server failure will try to renew it. The computer losing its IP address.

Less Reliable:

You can’t Dynamic IP address use as VOIP, VPN, and online games. It is less reliable than static IP address


residential static ip

Static IP Address Cost:

There is a limit source of public static IP. When they are working on Static IP to expand the IP pool, the implementation and tech still have a ways to go.ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, is responsible for the allocation of all public IP addresses and providers. Providers obviously prove the certainty of the need for all IP addresses.The provider cost associated with each pool of addresses. There are more resources, both technically and in man-hours, to managing static IP addresses because of their “always-on” nature. Here more responsibility to the provider for limits maintenance and provides. If you as a business, looking cost at the end of the day.

What device uses a Static IP Address?

DHCP is generally used to make an administrator’s work easier. Let’s say you have about 10 workstations or many. It does make wisdom for you to lose your time going around and assigning static addresses following you can just pick a pool of them and have DHCP energetically distribute them to your workstations for you.

Now though workstations will maybe not require a static home that never changes, things are alternating past it comes to routers, servers, and other networking equipment. Your routers are they (Cisco or an improvised windows server or all else) will maybe battle as default gateways or even DHCP or DNS servers for the benefit of your workstations and add-on clients upon the network. As such you can’t in try of fact use (and you likely don’t obsession too because there won’t be as many devices to configure) or rely upon DHCP.


Some issue maybe alternating and you would concern DHCP setting accordingly to organize your pools and lease time and anything else. But basically, you use on the go going concerning for large volume non-vital equipment (usually client workstations) and remoteness the static treatment for central infrastructure that serves the clients.

If a hundred workstations are attached to a router concerning the network house of they can fine-heavens addresses to anything (within that subnets range) as long as they don’t interfere subsequent to the router or toting occurring statically assigned addresses upon that network. But if tolerates revealing the gateway router interface upon that network (router gigabit1 at for the sake of example) changes its IP residence to something else because of DHCP. Then anything breaks because clients still think it’s at furthermore than it’s not, completely bad.

The related goes for DNS servers and added servers and devices that compulsion to be accessed via a specifically configured residence. You could, of course, make your in doings addresses not expire. But later you will yet obsession to know those addresses belonging to your routers, servers, etc. For configuration of client workstations and accessory client devices and planning/documentation, therefore, using energetic addresses is redundant in this scenario anyway.

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How to get a Residential Static IP Address?


It’s very easy to get a secure static IP. It will likely be expensive and simpler to just pay your ISP to give you a static IP. Another way you are going to get a VPN or PROXY service. Some of the larger providers these services give you a static IP for a price. This is a hosting service that is hosting the router and not a server.


While that too is an opportunity you could “rent” a server from a hosting service and use a remote terminal session to then access your site. This is very strange for a site to use IP security. If you need this kind of secure Static IP. Ipmela provide you with this kind of Static IP.